There are female veterans in the US.

But only eleven have ever served in Congress.

It's time to change that.

Honor Bound is a 501(c)(4) that works to inspire women who have served to “pick up their pack” again and become elected leaders, to develop leadership skills in women committed to service to country through mentoring and education, and to help us hold government responsible by supporting policies that build a stronger democracy.

Women are underrepresented in Congress and the Armed Forces

“Similar to their representation in public office in the United States, women are largely underrepresented in the U.S. Armed Forces. To date, women make up a mere 16% and 19% of the enlisted forces and the officer corps, respectively. In addition, there have only been eight female U.S. veterans who have ever been elected to serve in the United States Congress.”

The number of veterans serving is declining.

“At the beginning of the 117th Congress, there were 91 individuals (16.8% of the total membership) who had served or were serving in the military, 5 fewer than at the beginning of the 116th Congress. The number of veterans in the 117th Congress reflects the trend of steady decline in recent decades in the number of members who have served in the military. Sixty-four percent of the members of the 97th Congress (1981-1982) were veterans, and in the 92nd Congress (1971-1972), 73% of the members were veterans.”

Veterans are serving at the lowest since the state of World War II

“When elected officials gather on Capitol Hill to formally convene the 117th Congress on Jan. 3, they’ll do so with 91 veterans among their ranks, the lowest total since at least World War II.”

More women serve in Congress than before, but are still underrepresented

“Counting both the House of Representatives and the Senate, 144 of 539 seats – or 27% – are held by women. That represents a 50% increase from the 96 women who were serving in the 112th Congress a decade ago, though it remains far below the female share of the overall U.S. population.”